Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Everybody cross your fingers, hold your breath and say a prayer. We are supposed to b released tomorrow at 2! We have to wait for some paperwork to b signed by the adoption agency but Lord willin we'll b outta here tomorrow! Yes his is leaving with oxygen. We had our training today and, although I had a migraine, I think I'll b able to remember everything. His lungs are under developed and the slightest germ can cause severe pneumonia. He will out grow it with hopefully little more than a higher likelihood of asthma as a result. In the mean time it is imperative that we all pitch in to keep Wesley safe! He can't b around the "sniffles" or any contagious respiratory or pulmonary illness. It was also highly stressed by the pulmonolgist that everyone who wants to hold or touch Wesley much first was thoroughly (they recommend the length of time it takes to sing happy birthday) then use hand sanitizer. It is an inconvenience, I know (they make us scrub for 3min evertime we come in the NICU), but we don't want another hospital stay! This is for as long as he's on oxygen. I'm sure you all feel as strongly about Wesley's health as I do, loving him the way you do, so please help me to remind everyone to wash before touching and be stingy with their sniffles!

We still have to stay in Florida til we get permission to leave the state with him. It can take up to 10 business days. We will b staying with friends n St. Cloud. So, all our Florida friends (folks from Texas too if y'all r n the neighborhood) please come by and visit us (if you're not sick)!!!!!! Everyone has been so wonderful and I definitely want to visit as much as we can before we go!!! Thanks everybody for taking such good care of us!!!

Ps. Please forgive all the typos! Obviously texting to the blog does not work as intended so I have to do this through the website from my phone. The website was not designed for use on a mobile device so most of the time I can't see what I'mtyping! I can go back and look at what I have typed but it is virtually impossible to edit that way! Highly inconvenient! Thanks for ur patience. ;)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Prepare for the last of the cuteness

Welp, daddy's going back to Texas for another week so this will be the last of the pics for a little while.  Never could figure out momma's phone for posting pics, but she can at least put some info down here.  The latest is he is very close to discharge.  How close, we don't know but we have gone through some of the steps that the hospital people say is right before discharge.  He has also gone to "ad lib" feeding today, which means that he can eat what he wants, when he wants it. It's momma's discretion as it would be at home (with certain guidelines, of course). But he has been doing really well. He ate quite a bit around supper time this evening and then ate some more about an hour later, and boy was he full then! Normally he was going about 3 hrs in between feeds but was usually lookin' for it about and hour or better before hand. So, he is doing well with his feeds.  He is still on oxygen but we are supposed to take a training in the morning with a company that provides oxygen for home medical needs.  They will provide the equipment and training to run it so that we can go ahead and get him on home!  Yay!  So, again thanks for all the prayers everybody and keep 'em coming. 

And, now as promised...more cuteness than you can stand (almost...)


Three and a half mintues of cuteness...ready, GO!

Bath time!!

All bundled up

The patented Mommy taco...for use in emergencies only.


He's goin on add lib feeds (eating when he wants), about to have a carseat trial (required for NICU babies to leave) and we're goin to b t

Sunday, August 28, 2011

He didn't make it. :/ But he tried hard.Lasted longer this time.Just got too relaxed when he fell asleep and wouldn't take deep enough bre
Quick everyone! Just took the O2 off again for another try! Pray hard! Spread the word!

Let's try this again...

Sorry for the confusion folks. Have been posting from Miranda's phone and it's kinda hit and miss. Here's the last post following:

Well Wek got his feeding tube out last night at the midnight check. He has taken all of his bottles in stride for the past two days. In fact Momma has been having to make him take a break because he's been trying to suck them down so fast! The goal is for him to take his bottle (which is currently in the amount of a hair over 2 oz.) in around 15 to 20 minutes. If we would let him he'd just about get it done in just over 5 on some of them! So, he's doing well with feeding and now we just have to get his oxygen stuff figured out. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers everyone and keep em coming for little Wek!

Well Wek got his feeding tube out last night at the midnight check. He has taken all of his bottles in stride for the past two days. In fa

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quick everybody! Start praying! The nurse just said if Wesley takes all his bottles tonight, they will take out the feeding tube tomorrow!
Didn't do well off the oxygen. They tried him for a min while i was gone to get a hair cut. Mike said he had just finished eating, was wor

Friday, August 26, 2011

And nowwwww....

My new jammies!
Pictures!! I know everybody has been wanting them and here you go folks! Mommy's figured out how to post from her phone but due to technical difficulties have not been able to post pics (supposed to be able to but no luck yet).

A quick update: he has been taking his bottles like a little champ! He didn't quite finish his noon feed but has taken all the rest today with stride. Asked a RT about his oxygen tonight and she said they may try to take it off tomorrow. He seems to be doing really well and his weight just came in at 6 lbs 14 ozs! He's being a very big boy and you can tell he's ready to go home to Texas!

So, as promised here they are!!